5 Star Customer Review for Wiltshire Concrete

A big thank you to Colin for such a wonderful 5 star review on Google !

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I needed some stone for my garden. New to buying stone (I now know is better called aggregate!) I was a bit clueless (situation normal then).

I wasn’t sure who to contact but a pal of mine was having some building work done in his garden and the builder suggested Wiltshire Concrete.

I was a bit sceptical…Wiltshire CONCRETE? I want stone!

I looked at their website and sure enough they do supply aggregates(!) along with a multitude of other products and services. I was a little concerned however as they seemed to do a lot of BIG business so would they be interested in my little job?

I called and spoke to a chap called Kyle. He assured me that no job was too small and he spent a good 15 minutes on the phone with me working out quantities, giving me advice etc. He never sounded ‘rushed’, he was very patient and left me feeling confident that my enquiry was valued.

About a month later I was ready to place my order for 3 tons of aggregate. The order was placed over the phone and the delivery was made perfectly on time. The driver (sadly I didn’t get his name) was very helpful and unloaded the aggregate exactly where I wanted it. I started laying the aggregate and it looked lovely, just what I wanted.

BUT, (there is always one of those) when I spoke to Kyle originally I had assumed my garden was pretty level but once I had started laying the aggregate out it soon became obvious that it wasn’t and the aggregate was running out faster than expected (my mistake).

I estimated (all on my own…I was an expert by then!) that I needed about another ton. Would they deliver that small amount? I spoke to a lady called Tasha who was friendly, helpful and professional and she sorted it all out for me for a next day delivery. She even rang me back with a reduced delivery charge because it would be delivered using a smaller lorry! I had already paid by then so she could have just let the order go through as it was.

The ton was delivered nice and early and Driver Richard (sounds like a character in Camberwick Green if you remember that?!) was again most polite, helpful and professional putting the aggregate exactly where I wanted it.

I was going to apologise for writing so much but I decided not to. In fact I can’t say enough about how good the experience of dealing with Wiltshire Concrete has been. It’s all too easy to type a review based on one experience with one person in one company but that can’t really give an accurate picture of the company as a whole. With Wiltshire Concrete, of the several telephone conversations, two orders, two deliveries and multiple contacts the service has been constantly friendly, professional and honest.

I assume you are reading this because it’s in your mind to maybe contact Wiltshire Concrete? If you are just stop reading and pick up the phone. You really won’t regret it!