Concrete Pumps

Why wheelbarrow your concrete when you can hire a concrete pump to do the hard work for you!!

Our concrete pumps are supplied with a 20 and 24 metre hydraulic boom arm and additional flexible pipes to reach a greater distance.

Each concrete pump on hire from Wiltshire Concrete is operated and maintained by professional drivers with experience in ready mixed concrete and concrete pumping.

Why use our pump service ?

Once on site, the concrete pump operator will

  • manage the complete process for you
  • liaising with the concrete plant, controlling the speed with which the concrete is required
  • ensuring that your project runs smoothly

Site Assessments

We can visit your site to assess the size and type of pump you require and discuss the best method for achieving your goal, to help you get the best results.

How do I hire a pump ?

Our concrete pumps are available for hire to Trade or DIY customers anywhere in the UK

Click on the button or give us a call on 01380 725 725 to discuss your concrete pump requirements